Man on Top Full Press Kama sutra Position

Full Press Kama sutra Position

In this Kamasutra position the woman has to raise her body and place her legs on the man’s chest or wherever she is comfortable to do so. As she raises her body it allows for deeper penetration. In this kama sutra position when the woman’s body is raised it can allow for the maximum penetration possible which makes it all the more pleasurable and enjoyable for both the partners. [Read more…]

Man on Top Widely Open kama sutra Position

Widely Open Position Kama Sutra

In the widely open Kamasutra position the woman needs to raise her hips and arch her back. The hips have to be raised by the woman to be able to meet the man. The heels can be dug into the bed to maintain the required stability when the hip is raised. To add to the sensations the woman can also push into the man with the groin. After a little practice the woman can become an important part of the rhythm of the sexual intercourse. [Read more…]